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C.Kimberly Toms has been involved in marketing since the age of 12, when she owned her first business — a children’s birthday party planning consultancy — and worked as a pediatric receptionist. She expanded into media at the age of 14 by appearing in television commercials. As part of a lengthy digital marketing career she has worked in a multitude of industries and professional services in addition to serving as CMO of an IR Top 400. Kimberly is currently the President of Roulez MediaRoulez MagazineHero Film Festival and the Roulez Brand family. She is the award-winning Producer-Director and Subject of Escaping Fed, a documentary film about her journey through empowered criminal victimization. C.KT also frequently freelances as a writer and has written over five million words and 5,000 articles. 

For work, C.KT focuses on digital marketing, eCommerce, writing and media projects. She remains committed to working where she is empowered to make a real difference. Projects include digital marketing strategy, eCommerce development, content development, documentary film, photography and editorial writing.

Kimberly is certified in a multitude of marketing and sales disciplines. These include:

  • Google Analytics IQ Certified

  • “Expert” Certification for VP Marketing by Indeed

  • “Expert” Certification for VP-Level SEO by Indeed

  • HubSpot Content Marketing Certified

  • HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certified

  • HubSpot Inbound Sales Certified

  • HubSpot Social Media Certified

Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.

Jim Rohn

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Creativity is intelligence having fun.


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