Filmmakers Granted Post-Production Funding, Now Live on IndieGogo for Final Production Support

HAMPTON, VIRGINIA, June 27, 2017 – Escaping Fed, a documentary film chronicling the struggles of C.Kimberly Toms to escape the clutches of a psychopathic U.S. federal agent, is slated to start shooting in Hampton and Wake Forest in September 2017. Final fundraising for Escaping Fed launched this week on IndieGogo, at http://igg.me/at/EscapingFed.

The film is produced and directed by Kimberly Toms in conjunction with Wake Forest, North Carolina-based Uptone Pictures. It is associate produced by Madeleine Adams of Holly Springs, North Carolina and includes the talents of Virginia actors for flashback re-enactment scenes. The film will complete post-production in late November and is budgeted for multiple film festival entries, distribution and theatrical release from December forward.

The film score is being composed by Stefan Swanson of Los Angeles, a composer with over 40 film credits and more than 50 orchestral compositions. Swanson’s work has been presented at Lincoln Center, Cannes, Aspen and through broadcasts on HBO, Cinemax, NBC, and BET.

Of the film Kimberly Toms said, “I’m just so pleased we are finally getting close to telling this story. This has been a long journey, one of complete isolation, struggle and fear. As my life begins again, I look forward to taking viewers through what happened by means of the film and also to pleasantly surprising those who may expect something different than what we will present.”

Kimberly secretly fled to Currituck, North Carolina, then Virginia, from Wisconsin and Illinois, where the bulk of her victimization took place. Yet almost a year after arriving in Hampton Roads, she was still being pursued by her offender who had already raped her on Labor Day weekend 2013 and attempted to kill her in April 2014 to silence her about the rape.

Toms eventually turned to the US Department of State for help in November 2014. Thus began more than two years of investigation as part of a Joint Task Force formed around the matter, involving multiple federal agencies. She knew there were other victims of this offender and yet was surprised to learn the full story from investigation results. The offender has been on suspension and is no longer empowered as a U.S. Department of State Supervisory Special Agent in Diplomatic Security, as part of which he was the Diplomatic Security for His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. Final case results from the State Department are expected this summer, but he is not expected to work in law enforcement again.

Kimberly, a native of New Orleans, is now making Virginia her permanent home. Roulez (say “Roo-lay”) Media is her production company basing here for this and future projects already in early development.

Uptone Pictures’ president Michael Davis said of the Escaping Fed film, “I want to tell this story because it brings attention to the ongoing problem of rape in this country. What makes Kimberly’s story so interesting is that she was being victimized by the very people who are sworn to protect us.”

Associate Producer Madeleine Adams says of the project, “Kimberly’s story is shocking and something that no one should have to go through. The film will be proactive in starting a productive conversation about both rape and officer-involved violence in the United States. I’m so relieved that Kimberly’s voice will finally be heard.”

Toms and Adams have been granted funding for post-production of the film. An IndieGogo campaign launched this week is designed to complete funding for the project by supporting actual production shooting. The campaign is available for viewing through the EscapingFed.com website or directly at http://igg.me/at/EscapingFed. There are multiple contests and prizes available, as well as donation incentives.

Visit EscapingFed.com for further information.


Escaping Fed is a full-length documentary film in pre-production with filming to commence in late summer/early fall 2017. The documentary is the true story of C.Kimberly Toms’ struggle to escape the empowered clutches of a psychopath. But this psychopath was not just any crazy person. He was a supervisory special agent for the U.S. government. But this victim, one of many women stalked and harmed by this fed, refused to accept early police failures and her offender’s continuing activities as part of her future, or even as part of America’s reality. She truly believed that the few do not represent the many, so she pressed forward. Despite graphic death threats and the chaos he creates, she found a way to hold him accountable – to finally “beat” him at his own psychotic game – at least for now.


For C.Kimberly Toms and Roulez Media: 757.247.3251
For Madeleine Adams: 919.801.1260
For Uptone Pictures / Michael Davis: 844.987.8663


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