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Empowered Rape and Pursuit of Justice

ESCAPING FED Official Film Poster | Escaping Fed | EscapingFed.comSerial offenses of stalking, rape, extortion, terroristic acts and attempted murder. For five years, film producer-director C.Kimberly Toms survived these acts at the hands of a Supervisory Special Agent for the U.S. Department of State. Destined to die and rejected by all of the police entities she approached, Toms headed to Washington, DC to unveil the secrets of the serial offender empowered to hold the Dalai Lama’s hand. To her surprise, the U.S. Department of State left her to her own devices against their highly trained offender.

So Toms fought the system while they kept his secrets. Living in hiding for years and unable to work or use her social security number, film became the only means for Toms to reveal her story to the American public. She had two days to shoot, $1500 and zero connections in the region in which she hid. Yet, a team came together to save her life and make this impossible film, not realizing that after the first day of production, the offender would strike again…and again…

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Empowered people do get away with rape in America.

C.Kimberly Toms walked into a trap she didn’t know existed. Then, instead of rescuing her, her country kind of failed her…over and over and over… To survive she had to save herself, relying only on her own skills and her tiny convertible.

Patriotism is something Kimberly has long held dear. Her life has been a quiet spirituality of “God and country,” a spirituality that she shared with no one, wearing it silently close to her heart. This patriotism was borne of being a Navy daughter and an Air Force wife. As a military wife, she had babies on foreign soil and was sent to the farthest reaches of the country. She never complained. She adapted. Accepting that way of life is part of “God and country,” right?

Then, this thing…this thing that happened, the big terrible thing of which no one speaks. The thing got worse and worse…until a Joint Task Force investigation formed around her to stop her victimization. She was a victim to her country and her government knew it.

And then she was quietly swept under the rug. Swept into silence.

So what is the patriotic thing, to accept the sweeping and be quiet about it? Or to grab hold of the broom and resist the rug?

But when you are swept under a rug and knocked down by your country, isn’t the bigger story in how you bounce back? Can you be an American again? Can you get back to “God and country?” Or is that forever lost?

How much do we really want to know about ourselves, as citizens of this country? And isn’t being a good American standing up for what is right against all odds? Or is it taking the rug and letting it engulf you as you try to pretend everything will be okay?

Escaping Fed is a surprising tale of many twists and turns, a true crime story exposing the undergarments of our society.

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