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Escaping Fed | C.Kimberly Toms |

C. Kimberly Toms


C.Kimberly Toms has been involved in media since the age of 14, when she appeared in television commercials. As part of a lengthy digital marketing career she has worked in television, major motion pictures, digital video and as creative director/producer of still photography fashion shoots. Kimberly is currently the President of Roulez Media, Roulez Magazine and the Roulez brand family. She frequently freelances as a writer and has written over four million words and 5,000 articles. Escaping Fed is Kimberly’s own story.


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Escaping Fed | Nicholas Crawford |

Nicholas Crawford


Nicholas is a 2016 graduate of Old Dominion’s award winning film program where he served as editor for many of the department’s faculty/student co-productions. Independently, his work has been showcased in festivals all over the United States, Europe and Asia. Nick also works as an editing tutor and event videographer.

Leah Martin as Agent K | Female Lead Re-enactment Role | Escaping Fed | Leah E. Martin
KIMBERLY Chris Korkalo | Escaping Fed Chris Korkalo
FED | AGENT J ON PHONE Lila Korkalo | Escaping Fed Lila Korkalo
LITTLE KIMBERLY Escaping Fed | Stefan Swanson | Stefan Swanson
SCORE COMPOSER Madeleine L. Adams | Co-Producer | Escaping Fed | Madeleine L. Adams CO-PRODUCER DanielHoy Daniel Hoy
ASSOCIATE PRODUCER Escaping Fed | Jeremy Bates | Jeremy Bates
STILL PHOTOGRAPHER | 2ND CAMERA Escaping Fed | A Documentary Film | A Story of Fear, Faith and Forgiveness Victor Collins