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Escaping Fed | Documentary Film OFFICIAL TRAILER

Escaping Fed | Official ESCAPING FED Original Song Video | “Running”

Escaping Fed | Excerpt from the Documentary Film (Re-enactment) | “Agent J Phone Call Open”

Escaping Fed | Focus Group Male Viewer Reactions | “Pre-Release Focus Group Quotes”

Escaping Fed | C.Kimberly Toms Interview Video | “Tricks of the Fed Tap Dance”

Escaping Fed | C.Kimberly Toms Interview Video | “Glimpse Into Life with a Fed Agent Stalker”


Official Film Poster | High Res Printable Version

Alleged Offender/”Fed”  April 2018 Mugshot | State Dept Years of Service Proof Image 1 and Image 2

C.Kimberly Toms, Producer-Director / Story Subject     Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3 | Image 4

Nicholas Crawford, Editor  Image 1

Leah Martin, Actress as “Kimberly” for Re-Enactments     Image 1 | Production Image

Chris Korkalo, Actor as “Fed” and “Agent J Voice on Phone” Re-Enactments   Image 1

Lila Korkalo, Actress as “Little Kimmy” Re-Enactments  Image 1

Stefan Swanson, Composer    Image 1