Award Winning Projects Made by Kitsplitters | | April 10, 2019

Award Winning Projects Made by Kitsplitters | | April 10, 2019

February 25, 2020 By admin

We love featuring members of the KitSplit community and projects they’ve created with the gear they’ve either rented to or from other KitSplitters.

In this round we’re sharing projects made by KitSplitters (and a few of our very own staff!) that include; an award winning narrative featured in The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, a hysterical book trailer with Ben Stiller, a powerful VR experience backed by Google Daydream’s Immersive Storytelling VR lab, a sneak peak at an upcoming chilling documentary, a comedic web series about modern dating, and a music video for dance-pop / experimental artist Quitzow!

Have a project you want to share? Just fill out this form or post it on social media with the hashtag #MadeWithKitSplit!

Water Melts

Water Melts, from KitSplitter and producer Ting Lui, is one of the first VR narrative films that combines live action with moments of hand-painted 2D Animation. It was made in part with gear rented from KitSplitter John Marton! It’s a blue-hearted rom-com about people who are going to lose someone they love. Nobody knows what to say, so they bicker, laugh, cry, and get married.

Selected by the Tribeca Film Festival 2019 Cinema 360, this film was supported by a generous award from Tribeca Film Institute and Google Daydream’s Immersive Storytelling VR lab!


Winner of the Outstanding Narrative Feature award at the The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival  in 2019, Meme is about Jennifer–an independent designer disappointed in her stalled relationship and career, discovers a surreal mashup videotape, labeled “Meme,” among a friend’s VHS collection. She goes in search of Meme’s creator, tracking down people who appear on the tape to gain greater insight into what it is and why it exists. As she pursues the creator of the tape she takes greater control of other aspects of her life including her relationship, difficult clients, and a drinking problem that increasingly interferes with her life. You can check out Meme right here!

KitSplitter Sean Mannion is a writer/director/producer based out of Brooklyn, New York–he also runs KitSplit’s social media (follow us on Twitter). As founder of the 4MileCircus production company he has been creating narrative, surreal non-narrative, and documentary short form content for almost a decade. Meme is his first feature film project! Meme was shot on a Canon 5D mk III rented from another KitSplitter, Firelight Studio!

Book Trailer for Shteyngart’s Lake Success, Starring Ben Stiller

As promo for New York Times bestselling author Gary Shteyngart’s new book, Lake Success, our very own co-founder and President Kristina Budelis directed this (bro heavy) satirical hedge fund recruitment video starring Ben Still, which was featured in New York Magazine’s Vulture

Ben and Gary are here to answer your burning questions like “how do hedge funds work?” and “what is a hedge fund?” and “am I white man?”

The book trailer was a KitSplit project through and through: it was directed and produced by KitSplit cofounder Kristina Budelis, shot by KitSplitter Leandro Badalotti, sound by KitSplitter Joseph Wolesneky, and Josh Lee was one of the PAs. The gear was also rented via KitSplit from CSI. It was shot on a Sony FS5 and Sony A6500 (for gimbal shots) and on Sony and Canon lenses.

Escaping Fed

For five years, film producer-director and KitSplitter C.Kimberly Toms survived terrible acts at the hands of a Supervisory Special Agent for the U.S. Department of State. Escaping Fed is the frightening true story of a federally empowered serial offender and the woman trying to survive him. Escaping Fed was shot on a Sony Alpha 7s and a Canon 5D Mark III.

Swiped to Death

In filmmaker and KitSplitter Kabir Chopra’s new web series Swiped to Death, two newly single New Yorkers try their luck on a dating app and go on a series of dates that leave them, physically, emotionally, and textually scarred. Each episode is based on a real-life date that went terribly wrong and follows our heroes as they go on a new date with a new match. Swiped to Death was filed on gear rented from Full Out Creative on KitSplit!

“Dig” by Quitzow

KitSplitters Josh Lee (director/producer) and Jacob Sussman (Producer, Director of Photography) shot this beautiful music video for Quitzow, a pop artist from Brooklyn. The video was for her single Dig from her upcoming album, Subliminal Persuasion. Josh and Jacob used KitSplit to rent Leica Vintage lenses.